Comic 143 - Aprilocalypse page 31
15th Jul 2018, 10:49 PM in Special 1: Coming of the Aprilocalypse
Aprilocalypse page 31
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Author Notes:
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Translation: What is your name? I am name is Hrant. My name is Arvan.

Mr. Movsesian is correcting his syntax and conjugation through the conversation in the first panel. Last page Hrant said his language skills needed work as noted because many beginners mess up on possessives. People who speak Eastern Armenian will have difficulty understanding the structure and sounds of Western Armenian because "Իսք դուն անունըդ ինջ է:" translated to "is your name yours?" Spoken conversation tends to repeat words unlike a formal English conversation.

I decided to name the blondy boy Hrant. After Hrant Dink the journalist who was assassinated for talking about the Armenian Genocide. There was a nationwide protest in Turkey. I heard about it during a memoram gala my church did.