Comic 141 - Aprilocalypse page 29
11th Jul 2018, 12:18 AM in Special 1: Coming of the Aprilocalypse
Aprilocalypse page 29
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ToothBrusher (Guest) edit delete reply
I saw your newest post and I wish you well with your new projects.

I can give some advice but I'm only half way through reading your comic.

I can already see that you made good effort trying to make the art clearer, at least when you use an art program to draw. some of your older strips were incredibly hard to decipher but you haven't had that issue when I skimmed through the newest stuff.

I would recommend that you try to draw from life more; lots of really good artist take time to do that.
Even the artists who mostly draw unrealistically or really weird do that, and I think it'll really help with what you're going with.

doesn't have to take too much of free time

now on to your writing. I sort of had this one question in the back of my mind as I read it and that was what was anyone's motivation to do anything, and I'm about seventy pages and I still have that question there. It sort of made many of the characters feel sort of redundant.

Anyway I hope this helps you with whatever you do afterwards.

Your always welcome to come ask for advice and help on our forum.
ToothBrusher (Guest) edit delete reply
I don't know this site that well, the title doesn't show on my comment.

I'd like to clarify I'm from the Bad Webcomics Wiki.