You are about to set off on a journey to a fantastical land. Full of wizards, fairies, monsters and more! All powered by a mystical object in the form of... a spork. 

Yes. A spork. The spoon and fork hybrid. It's a webcomic on the internet, what are you expecting? The concept came when I was 16 years old, it was a dark time. I relied on randomness.

You follow a group of college students from Boston, Massachusetts. Witness how they transform their reality and...

Ugh, what am I talking about you say? 

Yes, college students. I started this version around college aged students because I was in college. It is set in Boston and surrounding areas within the State of Massachusetts; so it makes sense to me. Not NYC nor Tokyo. In an isekai. You think a fifteen year old anime boy is going to find the time to go off into the sunset with a ton of homework, school, and curfews to follow? Some things that seem innocent have dire consequences! This journey gets rather violent at times. I told you this is a webcomic. Adult cast, adult setting.

Get to know a cast from all walks of life, fall in love with whimsical settings, have fun, and become entertained.

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